Pilot Resources

We’re looking forward to all the aircraft planning to fly in to our Airshow! Here are the details:

  • Aircraft can fly in and out of KOZW until 12:30pm on July 15th, 2016.
  • At Noon the Spectator airshow line will be blocked off in preparation for the waivered air show box, which will be active starting at 12:30 until 3pm.
  • We anticipate the airshow will be complete about 2:45pm at which time the airport will be re-opened.  No aircraft can depart until the airshow is over and the airboss has opened the airspace.

When the airshow is done, Please wait at least 20 minutes before starting your engine to taxi out for take-off. We want to make sure the ramp is clear of spectators before aircraft start moving.

You are responsible for your aircraft during the entire event.  There will be many people walking around the aircraft.

Thanks for your participation in the Livingston County Airshow!